Stuffed Cheesy Schezuan Pav

Serving 2

Cheese Stuffed Pav


Layer 1.

2 Boil Potato
1/2 Tsp Green Chilly,Ginger Paste
salt according to taste
1/4 black pepper
1/4 Chat Masala
1 tsp Sezwan Saus
1 tsp tomato Ketchup
1/4 Tsp orgeno,chilly flakes

Layer 2
50 Gram Paneer
1/4 Cup Carrot,Beans,Capsicum Fine Chopped
salt according to taste
1/4 black pepper
1 tsp Mayoniese
1/2 tsp orgeno,Chilly flakes
2 tsp Butter
1 tsp Tomato Ketchup
1 tsp Chings Schezuan saus


2 Bread(Pav)
2 tsp Butter
1 cube Cheese
2 tsp Green chutney
2 tsp tomato ketchup
2 tsp Chings Schezuan saus

Stuffed Cheese Pav

Recipe: Mix well Ingredients of Layer 1.
For Layer 2 Heat butter and add carrot,Beans and capsicum satay it for 5 minutes.
Add Herbs,Salt,saus.
Apply Ketchup, Chings Schezuan saus, green chutney in Bread(Pav)
Spread Layer 1 mixture then layer 2 mixture .
Grade Cheese and Roast with butter grill it serve hot.