Homemade Oreo Icecream Cake

Oreo Icecream Cake

This super easy Homemade Oreo Ice Cream Cake is just a handful of ingredients and a fraction of the cost of a store bought birthday cake!


Oreo White Biscuit : 20 Pieces
Oreo Chocolate Biscuit : 10 Pieces
Vanilla Icecream :1kg
cocopowder :2 Tsp
Chocolate Syrup :3 Tbsp
Butter :1 Tsp
Snicker : 1 Melted
Quick Release Baking Tin:Shape Round 1Kg

Biscuit Crush Base
Vanilla Icecream Layer
Double Layer

Grind 20 Oreo White Biscuits with 2 Tsp milk into a smooth mixture.
Greese the tin with Butter.
Spread the Oreo cookie mixture In the base of the tin.
Grind Vanilla Icecream 10 Minutes.
Carefully Spread the ice cream layer .
Then apply 5 Chocolate Biscuits and Spread Coco powder and Chocolate Syrup and repeat the crush and Iceream Layer.
Decorate the outside of your cake with extra Oreo cookies and Chocolate syrup.

Spread the Snicker.
Once you’re done decorating the cake, you’ll want to pop it back in the freezer for a couple hours to let it all freeze together.
Just before serving, bring the cake out and let it sit on the counter at room temperature for at least 5 minutes so it’s easier to slice.

Oreo Cake