Layer Cheese Burst Pizza

Bread Slice : 6
Onion : 2 fine chopped
Tomato : 2 Fine chopped
Capsicum Red,Yellow,Green : 1 Cup Fine chopped
Seasoing:Salt,Orgeno,Basil,Chillyflakes all mix 1 tsp
Mayoniese : 4 tsp
Green Chutney: 2tsp
Tomato Ketchup:1tsp
Red Chilly Saus :1tsp
Butter:50 gram
Cheese :3 Cube

Capsicum,Tomato,Onion : Fine chopped

mayo and sauces mixture

Recipe: Mix all the vegetables.mix all the sauses and 3tsp mayoniese.Apply butter on breads.spread mayo and sauces mixture.On base slice spread vegetable mixture spread herbs grade cheese than cover it with same layer of second bread and 3rd slice apply mayoniese sauces mixture grade cheese and lastly apply plain mayoniese and herbs grill it 10 minutes. your pizza is ready so enjoy ..for more recipe join shubhi academy bhayander west